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What is a Sleepik

Sleepik® is а unique interactive portable "bedding-pet" for kids in form of different animals. It is a 6-in-1 sleeping set (а mattress, а blanket, а pillow, bed linen, а sleeping bag and a toy for sleep in one product), which can be used both: as bed linen in the regular bed or as a mobile bed – sleeping bag (as a carry cot-sleeping bag combination).

The product is hand-made from 100% cotton with decorative fleece elements. The internal insulation in the mattress, blanket and pillow is made from a special synthetic material suitable not only for children and adults, but even for babies. A detachable zipper runs around the edge of the blanket, allowing you to completely unfasten it from the mattress. The pillow filler is removable. A Sleepik® can be rolled up and tied with special ties.
A solution for sleep problems

What night-time problems does the Sleepik® solve for children:

1. The main problem for parents is when sleeping children throw off their blankets and get cold at night, so that parents have to keep replacing the blanket all night long. Thanks to its zipper, the Sleepik®'s blanket will never run away, never get displaced, so the child will always be warm and You will not need to get up at night to check that your infant is sleeping correctly.

2. One of the most serious problems is the complexity of the process of falling asleep. A Sleepik® helps to create associations connected with sleep. It is like a sleeping pet, an interactive toy for sleeping and it has a voluminous muzzle, ears, paws and even a tail for your child to play with. You can give the animal a name, you can be friends with it. You can come up with your own rituals and bedtime stories to help your child get to sleep better. А Sleepik®-pet always "asleep" and this helps the child to see the Sleepik® as a helpmate when preparing for bed: "Look, your kitten is already asleep, and you too should get into bed and fall asleep in your friend's arms!"

3. One other challenge for parents is moving the child from the parent's bed to their own. Children, especially infants, often do not want to be separated from their parents even at night and they are afraid of being alone in their beds. This affects their parents' sleep most of all. With Sleepik® everything becomes easier. At first, baby can sleep in the Sleepik® with you in your bed like usual, and when he or she has got used to the pet-bed, you will have no difficulties putting the child, still in the already-familiar Sleepik® in another place, such as a cot. In a familiar environment, embraced by a favourite sleepy animal, baby will no longer be afraid of sleeping alone.

4. Children will no longer fear sleeping in unfamiliar places, something which is especially important for travelling families. Once kid is used to the Sleepik® at home, it can be very useful for parents on trips, when visiting friends and relatives, when staying in hotels, when at grandmother's, when camping and so on. For a start, you can sleep in a Sleepik® not only on the bed, but also on any flat surface, like in a sleeping bag. Apart from that, children will easily fall asleep anywhere because they are in a familiar environment, with their favourite fluffy, sleepy bed-animal.

5. Sleepik® also solves the problem of low temperatures inside the home. The inside of the Sleepik® is very warm despite the fact that the surroundings can be very cool. The blanket keeps the sleeper very warm due to insulation, and yet its cotton base allows the body to breathe and at the same time draws away excess moisture.

6. Finally, Sleepik® addresses the challenge of keeping bedding clean. Sleepik® perfectly withstands weekly washing and hygienically it has an advantage over ordinary bed linen, because when you wash Sleepik® you wash the bed linen, blanket, mattress, and pillow at the same time. So you wash things which in a normal bed are not touched for years!
How to choose а size

When choosing the size, focus on the child's height in combination with the size of the blanket:
S - 23.6*47.2 inches (blanket 31.5 inches)
M - 27.6*64.9 inches (blanket 41.3 inches)
L - 35.4*78.7 inches (blanket 55.1 inches)
XL - 35.4*86.6 inches (blanket 62.9 inches)
XXL - 35.4*94.5 inches (blanket 70.9 inches)

А Sleepik® likes to "take a bath" and is not afraid of water! Sleepik® perfectly withstand weekly washing and hygienically it has an advantage over ordinary bed linen, because when you wash Sleepik ® you wash the bed linen, blanket, mattress, and pillow at the same time. So you wash things which in a normal bed are not touched for years!

Thanks to its removable pillow filler and detachable blanket, a Sleepik® can be placed in a washing machine of any size. The best way to wash it is on a delicate cycle — 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheitand a spin — after which it should be dried flat.